5 Things I Learned Upgrading a Wedding Invitation Kit

Posted on Jul 29 2015 - 11:21am by Monica
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My wedding invitations are done!!!! I couldn’t be more excited because I LOVE them!! I started with a Wedding Invitation Kit and  thought I’d share with you what I learned along the way!

5 Things I Learned Upgrading a Wedding Invitation Kit

5 Things I Learned Upgrading a Wedding Invitation Kit

1) Buy More than You’ll Need

You’re going to mess some up. You’ll want to invite someone else at the last minute. You’re going to want some for your scrapbook. Your future mother-in-law will want one for the rehearsal dinner. Trust me on this one, get more than you think you need. Not a ton more but at least 10.

2) Proofread, Proofread, Proofread

Your brain has a funny way of “reading” what you think instead of what is actually on the paper. Especially when you’re the one working on the words. You may think it says the right thing but have at least 3 people read your invitations before you start printing them!

3) Don’t Do Your First Print on the Actual Invitation

Print on normal paper first and then hold it up to see if it works. Also, take notes on which direction your printer prints so you can feed the invitations the correct way when yo do go to print them.

4) Try a Few Different Options

This is the most fun part of upgrading a wedding invitation kit so have fun with it! I played around with gold paper backings and burlap ribbon and all sorts of things. Most of this I had around my house so I could experiment. I never glued anything until I was sure I loved it.

5) Get Help

Gather your bridesmaids, mom, sisters, whoever… just get help! I had my assistant Heather and she was a life saver! Upgrading a wedding invitation kit takes a lot of work. We probably spent a combined 80+ hours on them between the designing and assembly. Yo’re going to want help!!

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