Cute, Easy Woodland Animal Fall Wreath

Posted on Oct 24 2014 - 6:22am by Monica
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Do you ever walk through the craft store and an idea just JUMPS out at you and you have to make it? That’s how this easy, cute fall wreath idea happened! As soon as I saw these adorable Woodland Animals at Joann’s, I knew they had to make it to my front door to welcome everyone this fall.



Three reasons I LOVE this Cute, Easy Woodland Animal Fall Wreath:

  1. It only took 10 minutes to create. Well, 20 if you count the 10 minutes I spent in Joann’s looking for the right moss…
  2. It was only $11. Joann’s was having great sales on everything and I used my handy 50% off one item coupon for the wreath form.
  3. It’s so simple that ANYONE can do this! If you’re letting your children help, just assist them with the hot glue gun and you should be good to go!


How to Make a Woodland Animal Fall Wreath:

You’ll Need:


This one is pretty simple! Lay your wreath down and arrange everything on top until you like it. Then glue it all down!

Pro Tips:

  • Use a lot of hot glue! Since the moss and the wreath are both “airy” materials, you’ll need to make sure they stay together.
  • Glue your leaves and little berries/pine cones together first then glue them on the moss.


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