My Lace DIY Rustic Wedding Invitations!

Posted on Jul 21 2015 - 8:47am by Monica
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Y’all… I’m getting so excited for my wedding! Like, a little outta control excited! I just put my DIY Rustic Wedding Invitations in the mail so now I can share them with you!!!!

dress up wedding invitations from kit

How to Dress Up Wedding Invitations from a Kit to make DIY Wedding Invitations

A Little More About My Wedding

My wedding is at a farm and will be outdoors (God willing, please send up a prayer for good weather on Sept 6!). Our colors are navy and gold, both colors that my man and I love. The feel we are going for at the wedding is rustic, timeless, fun, and romantic so my invitations needed to give guests that vibe. It’s not easy incorporating all that into one little invitation but we did!! And I’m loving them!

diy rustic wedding invitation

My Wedding Invitations! I’m swooning!


How I Dressed Up my DIY Rustic Wedding Invitations from a Kit!

This wasn’t a clear path. I was standing in Michael’s and saw these. They were on sale plus I had a 25% off my entire order coupon so I snatched them up. I loved the gold foil dots on top of the kraft paper. I originally had thought that I would make every part of my invitation but realized that envelopes are evil so I used these as a base.

Here’s how they started out….

Original Invitations I got at Michael's.

Original Invitations I got at Michael’s. A little plain don’t you think?

They were cute but missing that wow factor. So it was time to get to work!

The Invitation Wording

The first that had to happen was to determine what my DIY Rustic Wedding Invitations would say! Oh boy did I google. I tried to use the template provided by the invitation makers but I didn’t like their fonts or their wording. Lucky for me, I have Adobe Illustrator for work so I measured the available space I had and got to work designing.

I must have tried 80 font combinations. Seriously y’all, I love fonts so this was THE HARDEST part. I’d show my man but he didn’t really get it. In the end, I used Samantha and Century Gothic. Neither are free so look for deals on them.

For the words, I went with informal to help give people the vibe that the wedding will be casual. I love how it turned out.

Once I did the design, I did a test run by printing on a normal piece of printer paper. Then, I’d hold the printed one over the invitation to see if I was close. Once I was, I printed a real one. It’s amazing but once you print it and see it done, you’ll want to change a few things. So a few more rounds of this printing process later, I had the final product.

diy navy gold rustic wedding invitation

My Wedding Invitation! (At this stage in the process I hadn’t added the navy backing – just printed on the cards)

The color of the words are navy so they match the wedding and the invitation.

The RSVP Card

The RSVP Card wording gave me the most trouble when making my DIY Wedding Invitations. Justin helped me with the words. We knew we wanted a “y’all” in there since we are Southern. 🙂 I chose this text after lots of tries of different ones. This is where I really wanted to give guests the feeling that they are in for some fun!


My DIY Wedding Invitation Response Card

Another thing that plagued me here was whose address to put on the RSVP envelope and how. I knew I wasn’t going to hand write them all (even though it defies etiquette rules) so I decided on clear labels printed with my address but without any last names. I think they turned out lovely. If you were wondering, that heart in the middle of Monica and Justin is part of the Samantha font.

The Directions Card

Oh my. Trying to write out directions was a hot mess. I tried at least 10 ways before deciding I need to draw a map. Google led me to this wonderful DIY Wedding Map tutorial and I followed it! Thanks to Mrs. Ballet Flats for making it! I did several revisions, sending the images to friends to make sure they understood it before printing it. Several of them say that they love that it ended in a heart. I love that they noticed! <3

diy wedding directions card

DIY Wedding Directions Card with Map

Adding the Backing

The next thing that had to happen was to incorporate more navy! These invitations had some gold but no navy! I knew I wanted to add a little edge of color and line the back of the paper. I went searching! I found this gorgeous metallic navy paper on Amazon and snatched it right up!

The Gorgeous Navy Paper Backing

I loved it even more in person when I got it. I measured how big each card was and then using my Cricut Explore and the Design Studio I made rounded rectangles a little bit bigger. I tested with plain paper before using my pretty navy paper. It took a few tries to get it right but once I did, it looked awesome! I grabbed my glue stick and started adding backings!


The back of an RSVP card. This paper is so pretty!

Lining the Envelopes

I knew I wanted to line the envelopes with that same pretty navy paper. This was a whole chore in itself because the envelopes that came with the purchased invitations weren’t standard. I made a DIY Envelope Liner Template for y’all and explain it all in that post.

Wrapping it in Lace and a Bow

The final touch was to wrap them all up like a little present. I knew I wanted lace and I found the perfect lace at this shop on Etsy. I grabbed it and some twine and got to work. The lace was cut to length and then wrapped around and sealed with removable glue dots. You can see it in this picture.

diy lace wedding invitation back

The back view of how I attached lace around my invitation

Then, my lovely assistant Heather (who really did most of the work reproducing all of these for the number of invitations I needed) tied a pretty bow around all of them.


Heather makes the most perfect bows!

That was it!


Now that we had the example, it was time to mass produce. RECRUIT HELP!! Heather helped so much and I couldn’t have done it without her!


Time to assemble the DIY Rustic Wedding Invitations!

Final Product

Here are a few more pictures of the finished invitations!


Rustic Wedding Invitations with Navy and Gold and Lace

diy rustic wedding invitation

One Last View!

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