Tennessee Titans Football Yarn Wreath

Posted on Aug 3 2015 - 1:33pm by Monica
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Happy Football Season!!! My man is a HUGE Tennessee Titans fan so I knew his front door would have to get adorned with a football yarn wreath! This was my first project with my Cricut Explore and boy, did I pick a hard one! Back then craft foam wasn’t a setting so I had to figure that out by myself.  I also didn’t know about the deep cut blade but it really helped out during this project! Let’s jump into the details.

Tennessee Titans Football Yarn Wreath

Tennessee Titans Wreath!


Making the Yarn Wreath

This is actually pretty easy but also time consuming. Next time, I would choose a thicker yarn so I didn’t have to wrap it so many times. However, for this project, color was the most important thing so I grabbed yarn as close to Titan’s colors as I could get them. Then I held the yarn down with a piece of tape and started wrapping while I watched a rerun of Grey’s Anatomy. I also glued along the way with some Tacky Glue just to make sure things would stay in place.

Next, I added the white accents to make it look more athletic. I thought it was fun and Justin loved it!

Tennessee Titans Football Yarn Wreath in Progress

Tennessee Titans Football Yarn Wreath in Progress- Use a piece of tape to get started!


Making the Titan’s Logo for my Football Yarn Wreath

This part was the hardest. I searched the internet for a svg file of the Titan’s logo. I found it pretty quickly. I knew I wanted to make the logo out of a sturdy material so I went to Michael’s and got craft foam in the Titan’s colors. Then I went home and started playing with my Cricut. Uploading the file was pretty easy and it separated all the cuts I would need really fast. So far, so good. Then, I cut the material. Oh boy… shreds everywhere! I messed with the settings, changed to a deep cut blade and cut more and more foam until I found the perfect one. Now Circut has a great setting for craft foam so you can use that.

I cut all the pieces and glued them together! I topped it off with a red ribbon and it looks snazzy!

Tennessee Titans Football Yarn Wreath

Tennessee Titans Football Yarn Wreath

I really love how it turned out and so did Justin!!


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