The Ugly Brass Chandelier Makeover DIY

Posted on Aug 11 2015 - 8:00am by Monica
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My (now) fiancé, Justin, loves to watch movies. Every time we’d sit on the couch and watch a movie at his place, this big, ugly brass chandelier would glow from over the kitchen table. Really, it glowed at me, screaming for a makeover. Ideas were forming in my head for the the Ugly Brass Chandelier Makeover.

before chandelier makeover

The brass glowed at me!! Especially that big ugly ball!

I asked Justin for weeks if I could spray paint it (it is his house still) and he kept saying no. Finally, one night, he said yes! The DIY makeover happened the very next day. Poor Justin had no idea.

I won’t keep you in too much suspense… Here’s the Before & After!

Brass Chandelier Makeover

My DIY Brass Chandelier Makeover

How Did it Happen??

I started by turning the electric off to the light using the breaker box. THIS IS IMPORTANT! I’m not an electrician.  Not even close.  But I know to turn the electric off before starting to play with it. 🙂

Next, I took the Chandelier down from the ceiling. I took a picture to see what it looked like before I disconnected everything so that I could hook it back up. Here’s how mine looked.

DIY Chandelier Makeover Takedown

Electrical Setup

Next, I took off the bottom ball and ring and removed the light bulbs. I taped off the light parts so no paint would get in there.

Spray Painting Chandelier

Spray Painting Chandelier

Then, I rigged up a spray paint station in the garage and clamped the chandelier to it. This part was fun… I wasn’t sure how I was going to do this so I looked around the garage until I figured it out. It turned out that it made the chandelier super easy to spray paint!

Spray Paint Chandelier

Spray Paint the Chandelier

To prep for the paint, I “sanded” using steel wool. I wiped everything down with a paper towel after to get any little pieces of wool off. Looking back, I should have used sandpaper but I’m new to this stuff so whatever works. I liked the texture the wool gave.

Spray Paint Prep Chandelier

Spray Paint Prep Chandelier

Then I spray painted! I used Rust-oleum Forged Hammered in Chestnut.

I did a couple of coats. As I was doing it, Justin called…

Justin: “Hey Baby! What are you doing?”
Me: “Spray painting the chandelier.”
Justin: “No, Baby. No.”
Me: “Love you! See you when you get home!”

Hee hee hee. He had no idea.

I headed to Lowe’s and picked up a new little bottom ring and the shades. It was all in the lighting section. The shades were about $3 each and the little ring was $2. So, between that and the paint, it was under $30.

After I painted and let it dry, I reassembled it and glued the shades on. To attach the smaller bottom ring, I had to cut the screw that was in the chandelier in half. Use a hacksaw to do this.

It was time to hang it. You’ll need help for this part!

I recruited the neighbors and the husband helped me reattach the electrical and the wife helped rehang it! They were a big help!

Here’s how it looks!

After Spray Paint Brass Chandelier Makeover

After the Brass Chandelier Makeover

Lighted After Spray Paint Brass Chandelier Makeover

Isn’t it pretty all lit up?

Much better, don’t you think??? I do and Justin was amazed when he came home! Maybe now he’ll trust my makeover ideas a little more…

The Ugly Brass Chandelier Makeover DIY Tips & Tricks

  1. TURN OFF THE ELECTRIC to the light!
  2. Spray painting this is fun because of all the angles. Make sure you get the top, bottom, sides, etc. A big drop-cloth is good here so that you don’t spray other things.
  3. Have someone handy with electricity to help connect and reconnect the light.
  4. Look around Lowe’s for the shades – I only saw expensive ones at first but the better fit ones were there, I just had to find them.

Once again, just because I love it!

Brass Chandelier Makeover

My DIY Brass Chandelier Makeover

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