14 Valentine’s Day Pillow Ideas

Posted on Feb 10 2015 - 2:05pm by Kristi R. Taylor
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14 Valentine's-Day-Pillows Ideas

There’s nothing better in the colder months of the year than a mug of hot cocoa, big fluffy slippers and a comfy cushion to cuddle into which is why Valentine’s Day pillows always hit the right mark no matter who you’re making one for.

The aunt, the daughter, grandma, or good ol’ mom, whoever you think would really LOVE a hand made cushion on February 14th then now’s the time to get sewing. Below are 14 of our favorite Valentine’s pillows and if you want to say I love you this year then right here’s how you do it.


14 Valentine’s Day Pillow Ideas


Heart Shaped Valentine's Day Pillow Idea

1) Sew Simple Heart-Shaped Cushions

Let’s get back to Valentine’s Day pillow basics with this beautiful and simple seam heart-shaped pillow.



Doggy love Valentine's Day Pillow Idea

2) Doggy Love

This cute design is made from a freezer paper stencil technique and is perfect for giving to your favorite niece, grand daughter or daughter.



Heart-shaped pom poms  Valentine's Day Pillow Idea

3) Heart-shaped Pom Poms

Decorate the pillow or cushion of your choice with pink pom poms arranged and sewn in the shape of a heart.



Kiss Hug Kiss Hug  Valentine's Day Pillow Idea

4) Kiss Hug Kiss Hug

Nothing will say I love you more than spelling it out in noughts and crosses using left over fabric and a little bit of creative know how.



Hearts on a line Valentine's Day Pillow Idea

5) Hearts on a Line

Turn a throw pillow into a lifelong reminder of love by creating a garland of hearts stretching from one side of the cushion to the other.



Pretty in pink polkadots Valentine's Day Pillow Idea

6) Pretty in Pink Polka Dots

A white heart embedded within a pink polka dot pillow, what’s not to like?



Straight through the heart Valentine's Day Pillow Idea

7) Straight through the Heart

This perfect pin cushion may not be the comfiest of pillows however, any sewing loving friend or family member will just adore it this Valentine’s.



The no sew pillow Valentine's Day Pillow Idea

8) The No Sew Valentine’s Day Pillow

A great option for anyone who prefers to work without the aid of a sewing machine. This cute pillow uses napkins, hot glue, and iron-on fabric to create this look.



Quality and cute quilting Valentine's Day Pillow Idea

9) Quality and Cute Quilting

Another great way to use up left over scraps and turn them into a heart felt quilted Valentine’s pillow.



Out of Africa Valentine's Day Pillow Idea

10) Out of Africa

This gorgeous Valentine’s pillow combines crochet with African flowers to great effect.



Heart-shaped ruffles Valentine's Day Pillow Idea

11) Heart-Shaped Ruffles

Ruffled lace helps to create the perfect touch for any Valentine’s Day pillow or throw cushion.



Sweater love Valentine's Day Pillow Idea

12) Sweater Love

Turn an unloved or over loved sweater into a perfect pillow that says ‘I do’ rather than ‘throw it in the wash’.



How can I love you more Valentine's Day Pillow Idea

13) How Can I Love You More?

Drop cloth and vinyl stencil magic brings this Valentine’s Day pillow idea to life.



Go big this Valentine’s Day Pillow Idea

14) Go Big this Valentine’s

There’s no better way to express your love on February 14th than to go big with this super furry heart-shaped pillow.


That’s our round up!! Did we miss your favorite? If so, we’d love to see it in the comments!


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